Property Tax Today 9/7/2018

Hey! It’s Friday, Property Tax Land. Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I mentioned last week, that I’ve been reading the book Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman. The gist of the book is this: As America moved from typographical communication to electronic communication (beginning with the telegraph), it’s not just the medium

Property Tax Today 9/5/18

Good morning Property Tax friends. Welcome back to Property Tax Daily. I have some news of my own to share: I wrote the first completely original article for this site. The subject of that article is Abraham Lincoln, our 16th, and greatest, President. I recently learned that Mr. Lincoln worked on property tax cases during

Abraham Lincoln, Property Tax Attorney

Ask most people working in property tax whether they planned to follow that career path, and they’re likely to laugh before answering, “no.” Ask them to name someone famous who does what they do, and you’ll almost certainly get a blank stare. Our industry doesn’t have public icons.  We don’t have a Steve Jobs or

Property Tax Today 8/31/2018

Happy Labor Day weekend, Property Tax Land. I know some of you won’t see this on Friday because you’ve started early on that last vacation of summer. Our family has spent the last several Labor Day weekends in Mackinaw City, MI. Now that we no longer live in Michigan, we’re looking for a new tradition.

Property Tax Today 8/29/2018

Good Wednesday, Property Tax World. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I enjoy reading. I just finished the book Ready Player One. It was so-so. I thought I’d read it in case I see the movie. But I’m not sure I’ll bother seeing it. Have you read it? Now I’m digging into a book I’ve wanted

Property Tax Today 8/27/2018

Good morning, good Monday, and welcome to Property Tax Today. I have a non-tax question for you. Do you like baseball? You may have just groaned. Maybe you nodded. Why do I ask? Because it’s my favorite sport. Yes, tax and baseball. My life is full of excitement. Really it is. You see, my son

Property Tax Today – 8/24/2018

Welcome to Friday at Property Tax Daily!  Our family celebrated many summer weekends in Mackinaw City, Michigan over the past decade. The largest event of the year in that part of the state was the Mackinac (also pronounced mackinaw) Bridge Walk. Walkers would begin in the upper peninsula and walk the five-mile span south back

Property Tax Today – 8/22/2018

Welcome to Wednesday, property tax aficionados! I’m writing to you from Northern Virginia where I have a hearing this morning with our friends at Fairfax County. The D.C.-metro area is always busy, and it’s hard not to notice the growth and development everywhere you look. At the same time, the District has done a wonderful